Ticket to the Moon
14 July – 03 November 2019
Kunsthalle Krems, A



A talk organized by Judith Lavagna, Mahony and Luz Peuscovich
about Commonplace.Berlin in Decad, Berlin.
March 22 at 7pm

Some of the collaborators give an insight in their work and discuss the topics of Common-place.Berlin.
Commonplace.Berlin is a fluid community working in different fields of creative, social, material and critical practice, trying to create an environment to nurture art and ideas engaged with society, philosophy and lived experience. This project is shaped by a shared interest in new formats for creation, development and exchange. Our interests are grounded in a de-colonial approach, in knowledge exchange and active un-learning across disciplines. We started with Commonplace.Berlin, a four-day exchange of meals and ideas in June 2018.
Our first exhibition was Notes from a trembling community in a willful state of flux, at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, Netherlands (September 2018).

The discussion will be accompained by a Kartoffelessen by Mahony.


Notes from a trembling community in a wilful state of flux
Tomás Bartoletti, Oliver Bulas, Season Butler, Coletivo Kókir, Maurits Koster, Judith Lavagna, David Magnus, Mahony, Gerald Mandl, Luz Peuscovich, Pablo Pijnappel, Esper Postma, Aiko Tezuka, Leo Zhao
Exhibition: 7 September - 20 October

notes from...

Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn NL


july 18 – 21 2018
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Featherhat Variations on UNDERCURRENTS by Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn

Schäbiger Mond, leuchte 2007